WHL Success Stories

Justin Crowdle

New Ross

28lbs down and feeling fantastic. Justin Crowdle chats to us about his experience with Weight Health Lifestyle (WHL)

In the last nine months my life has changed greatly and for the better. I feel better in myself. I have lost twenty eight pounds in weight and I feel proud of that.
I decided to go to WHL in the beginning as I needed extra support to help me lose weight. I became a bit worried about my health and had ignored my worries for a long time. When I first went to WHL I found it very challenging. I had to completely change what I was eating and drinking. I cut out sugar, Coke, biscuits, jam and gradually cut out sweets and cakes too from my diet. This was at first a challenge but gradually became easier.
I started to cook a lot more for myself too as I became more aware of foods and this took me a while to get used to. I now am able to cook my own healthy dinners and eat more fruit and yogurts than I had previously.
I now have less pains and aches in my knees than I had before, I have more energy too and I am less agitated than I used to be.
I have found Robbie very friendly. I feel Robbie listens to me and understands me very well. While I have found the experience challenging I have also found it very rewarding and I have enjoyed the positive comments and compliments that people have given to me over the last few months and I am glad that I have used WHL.

I now have less pains and aches in my knees than I had before, I have more energy too and I am less agitated than I used to be

John O’Leary


Blood Pressure back to normal & 32 lbs gone forever.. so far..

“I am delighted with John’s progress so far. I am so proud of him and he is so proud of himself. I am also learning through this journey as well by cutting back portion sizes and eating more nutritious food and not picking at junk food. John is much healthier in such a short space of time, he’s not sweating and the redness in his face is gone down. He is not dozing off as much now when he sits down in the evenings. John had a big problem with sugar and now he has cut it out which is a massive change.

I just want to say a big thank you to WHL and Robbie for your kindness and understanding. It means so much Mag Furlong

Dylan Murphy

New Ross

Progress update from our client Dylan Murphy. Massive improvement in definition and size while maintaining a low body fat percentage in only a few weeks.

“For months on end I was trying to build myself up, get bigger, get stronger and fit, granted I was getting fit but I wasn’t getting much bigger, no matter what I did!! So I sought help, and so 12 weeks later, from weighing 153lbs to now nearly 172lbs, I couldn’t be happier! I can see massive differences in myself and so have so many others, and that’s only after a few weeks, now imagine what I could accomplish in 6 months! Give the WHL Facebook page a like lads, if you’re lookin to change, do it right”.

14 lbs heavier while maintaining a low body fat percentage

Breda Roche


I joined WHL to improve my health, fitness and to try and reduce the stress levels in my life. WHL completed a full body composition analysis which includes your Weight, BMI, Muscle Mass, Visceral Fat, Body Fat and Blood Pressure.  A programme was tailored to my specific needs. My programme included nutritional and exercise advice. I was exercise and health conscious but the last four months my general health and wellbeing has changed dramatically!!! My energy levels have increased big time. I participate in WHL Circuit Training helping improve my fitness levels and Muscle Mass and I am much more toned now. Overall, I am delighted to have joined WHL as its private and confidential. You are treated as a person and you are given excellent advice on how to improve your health and lifestyle choices.

I was exercise and health conscious but the last four months my general health and wellbeing has changed dramatically, Breda Roche

Catherine O’Brien

New Ross

“I have been training with Robbie of WHL Consultants for four months, initially I was very nervous as I had never had a personal trainer before but Robbie’s natural enthusiasm helped to ease my worries surrounding my lack of fitness. Robbie treats each of his clients as an individual; he applies a tailored program for them to help them achieve their goals, rather than applying a generic “one size fits all” approach. Not only does he have your best interests at heart, his passion is to see you succeed in your goals and his approach to doing so is very easy and flexible. WHL Consultants have helped me make significant improvements to my lifestyle with weight loss, energy levels, physical ability and self-confidence all improving in just a few short months. My sleep pattern has also improved dramatically from three/four hours a night to seven hours. The frequent headaches I suffered almost daily are gone and my stress levels have also decreased. With Robbie’s continued guidance, my attitude has transformed from “can’t do” to “will do” and now fitness and exercise have become a routine part of my life. I would highly recommend anyone to work with Keeley and Robbie of WHL Consultants whether they are looking to lose weight, get fit, improve their lifestyle or to feel better about themselves, be it body or mind! I know picking up the phone to WHL Consultants has certainly been the best decision I ever made and I am now a much healthier and happier person and I look forward to continuing my journey”

My attitude has transformed from can’t do, to will do

Noel Fitzgerald

New Ross

“I never had any huge issues with weight but in 2015, due to eating out and a few more pints than was normal, I had gained over 2 stone in extra baggage. At the end of Feb 2016, I by chance on Facebook noticed that WHL had started up in New Ross so I made appointment to see Robbie, he analysed my diet and devised an exercise plan for me. It was no huge changes, just a few pints less, and to cut the junk food, oh and yes to walk my dog a bit more. At the end of the course I have lost approx 30 lbs, and my dogs legs are a tad shorter 🙂 but well worth the effort, Thanks Robbie” 🙂

Robbie, analyzed my diet and devised an exercise plan for me that worked

David Looby

New Ross

“I actually did it! The amazing news is that my weight has dropped from 173.4 lbs to 163.1 lbs in ten weeks. My Body Mass Index has fallen from 25.2 to 22.3. My Body Fat is down from 19 to 14.2, my Body Water Percentage is also going in the right direction, up from 55.3 to 59 and my Metabolic Age has dropped from 33 to 23, perhaps accurately reflecting my maturity age! Through Weight Health Lifestyle’s programme I’ve learned about the importance of doing what you can and not overdoing training. Eating lots of protein rich foods after training is another great tip, along with getting eight hours sleep, parking the smartphone at night, getting out for a walk in the sun on your lunchbreak at work and getting out for a run a few evenings a week. My challenge has received a great response and even though I didn’t break any records, I tried something and it worked for me!According to Ger, “one of the best decisions I’ve ever made is to come to WHL. From losing weight to improving my health, energy and wellbeing. I couldn’t recommend Robbie and Keeley more to anyone who wants to make a great lifestyle change”.

I couldn’t recommend Robbie and Keeley more to anyone who wants to make a great lifestyle change

Chris Leahy

New Ross

“”I worked out 2-5 times a week but I was still overweight, as I’m now over 50 I knew I had to take more care of my health. I had tried weight loss classes before but they didn’t work for me. I joined the WHL Monday walk & liked the sound of their approach covering exercise & lifestyle as well as diet. The one to one sessions are great giving me direction & motivation I needed. I have lost 14.2 lbs. so far.”

The one to one sessions are great giving me direction and motivation I needed. I have lost 14.2 lbs. so far.

Many more to come…